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Every Project I do, I will try to keep here

The Moon Project

While I was browsing thingiverse, and I found a cool model for the moon.  It has both a bump map for the surface–giving the texture of the moon with all of its craters–and a bump map for the darkness on the moon, which is on the inside of the model.  The inner bump map is […]

WeatherStation: Charging circuit

One of the big things on the to-do list is a charging circuit.  I need a charging circuit to allow the solar panel to charge the battery.  Lucky for me, the Arduino Feather 32u4 has a built-in charging circuit, but then why would I need a charging circuit? I bought a little voltage regulator for […]

Weather Station: lots happening

Starting in April, I have started working on the weather station project again, and I have failed to make any updates since.  So I’m going to try to write everything I have done in this past month and a half. Weather Station First, I created a new repository for the project on Github.  In this, […]

rcProtocol update

It has been far too long since the last update, near the end of October.  Since then I have been able to make a bunch of improvements.  When I last posted, the remote could only pair and connect,  now constant communication works, telemetry works, the remote even reconnects after resets. I have also been able […]

RC Remote API: Pairing/Connecting

I was able to get progress on the api for my remote. It can now successfully pair, and connect. I still have yet to send a steady stream of data; That will be my next goal. Pairing In order to pair, both the receiver, and transmitter must call the pair function. The remote will start […]

Posted by on Oct 29, 2017

RC Remote Software

I am done building my RC Remote and have started developing the software for both the comms library, as well as the remote itself.

WeatherStation: Software

I started planning the software structure

Weather Station Part 2

I have started working on the main board for the station. Adding the transceiver, barometer, temperature, and humidity sensor.

Weather Station

I am starting a weather station project, taking an old broken weather station, and getting it to work with Arduino and a Raspberry Pi web server.