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Every Project I do, I will try to keep here

The Moon Project

While I was browsing thingiverse, and I found a cool model for the moon.  It has both a bump map for the surface–giving the texture of the moon with all of its craters–and a bump map for the darkness on the moon, which is on the inside of the model.  The inner bump map is […]

Weather Station: lots happening

Starting in April, I have started working on the weather station project again, and I have failed to make any updates since.  So I’m going to try to write everything I have done in this past month and a half. Weather Station First, I created a new repository for the project on Github.  In this, […]

RC Remote Software

I am done building my RC Remote and have started developing the software for both the comms library, as well as the remote itself.

WeatherStation: Software

I started planning the software structure